mardi 25 février 2020

NOUVEAU LIEN : Léon - 45t (1974)

Léon - 45t (1974)
Suite à une demande... 😉

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  1. Je placerai son Rugby Twist à l'occasion !

  2. Helli. Thank you for this share, love classics but now I'm looking for a particualr double album and was wondering if you have it and would like to share it- Peter Tschaikowsky. Der Nußknacker Ballet Op. 71-Gesamtaufnahme. Das Orkester des Bolshoi-Orkesters Moskau. Dirigen Gennadij Roshdestwenskij och Melodia/Eurodisc. I have the album but not in to good condition so if you could fix it if you have the possibility to share I would be extremely grateful. All the best from Apple Sweden

    1. Hello, your comment is not on the right post, it is not important. Regarding the recording you are looking for, I will have to look in my boxes. I promise nothing ;)

    2. Great. Sorry but I didn't know where to put the comment, I'm not that used to computers and stuff like that so I am sorry once again